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  1. This is the main navigation menu from where you can access all the features of this website. Paid Members have access to the Inner Circle area where you can access the Flag TradeFinder, the entire Flag-Trader training CDs as well as Guy's Seminar DVDs: Profit from Trends and Flags. Inner Circle Members will also get access to Guy's exclusive Alerts and Videos.
  2. This upper menu gives you shortcut access to information areas of the site. These include, the TradeFinder page, Blogs and Video Alerts as well as this User Guide.
  3. This middle section is for Inner Circle Members only and is another shortcut way to the Flag TradeFinder, the Flag-Trader training CDs and Guy's Seminar DVD: Profit from Flags and Trends.
  4. This area is another way to give you direct access to the information areas of the site, including Guy's Alerts, Videos and Webinars, the Flag and Options tutorials, the Strategy Guides, Glossary, some FAQs, and a section for you to share your thoughts with us.