Flag Tutorial

Start with the Introduction and work your way through to mastering all the basics you need for trading Flags.

  Introduction to Flag Trading
  • Introduction to Flag-Trader
  • Flag Patterns
  • Trending Stocks
  • Finding Flags and Trending Stocks

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Introduction to Flag-Trader

Have you ever traded a stock where you were in a winning position? Have you seen your paper profits start to increase as the stock rose in your favour? What did you do? Did you have a plan of how to take your profits, or did you stay in? Did you stay in too long? Did you stay in as the stock started to fall? Did you stay in until your profits were all wiped out and you now had a loss-making situation? Did your winner end up being a loser?!

Most people who have ever invested in the markets have been through this type of situation...on multiple occasions!

Why is it that traders stay in a position too long? Why is it that traders don't take their profits when the signs are that the stock is about to reverse?

Well, I can only really go by the countless interviews I've conducted with traders and investors, plus my own early experiences. The fact is that most people don't know how to find stocks! So, when they suddenly find themselves in a winning situation, they hang on for dear life, as if it's the only opportunity they're ever going to find! Does that ring a bell? Because, if you did know how to find good opportunities on a regular basis, then you wouldn't need to hang around in an existing position if all the signs said "sell"!

There's another key. That is to have a clearly defined Trading Plan. Most traders have no idea what a trading plan is. They go to seminars and read books, but they are never taught how to enter or exit a particular trade. A Trading Plan outlines your entry and exit points ahead of time so you know exactly what to do in any circumstances ahead of time. In other words, every trade has a business plan attached to it.

So, we need to address two major areas in this e-book:

  1. how to find stocks
  2. how to create a Trading Plan

Benefits of this Method

To clarify why the methodology you're about to learn is so important, here are some compelling reasons to make this a serious part of your trading arsenal:

  1. never let winning position turn into a loser again
  2. have the confidence to find new opportunities almost at will
  3. ensure discipline in the Trading Plan methodology
  4. specialise in trading a proven chart pattern
  5. simplicity of the method ensures no confusion and no analysis paralysis
  6. only enter into trades when the trend is proven and reconfirmed by the pattern

When people have gone through my workshops, they know how to create a Trading Plan and they know how to find the stocks they want to trade. We don't regurgitate things they could read in a book unless it's central to the Trading Plan or to recognising the precise patterns we like to trade.

In a short space of time that's exactly what we're going to accomplish here in the next few pages.

The first step is to identify what types of stocks we're looking to trade.

The typical problems faced by traders include:

  • overwhelming amounts of information
  • complexity of trading methods
  • lack of confidence in finding new opportunities
  • indiscipline owing to complexity and lack of confidence
  • poor timing of trades
  • time constraints to learn and then implement trades

In this booklet, you will see for yourself how to create a proper Trading Plan and how to specialise in a proven chart pattern within the overall context of a trend. By following the method, you'll discover that time no longer is a constraint. Overwhelm is eliminated and the Trading Plan is simple to execute, thereby helping your timing. Combined with the Flag-Trader product, your confidence will increase as you start finding opportunities with monotonous regularity.

The first step is to identify what types of stocks we're looking to trade.

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