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Q. How do the TradeFinders work?

A. The TradeFinders automatically source the highest yielding trades in the market for selected strategies, subject to our proprietary algorithms and filters for parameters such as adequate liquidity. The point is that we only look for those securities with enough volume and open interest to enable you find a market if you want to reverse your position.

Q. I found a trade that should have been included within the TradeFinder list for a specific strategy.

A. Remember, we filter for specific liquidity and other requirements before running the algorithms. Therefore, it is possible that some seemingly high yielding trades escape our net, but, with some research, you may discover that they possess some rather disadvantageous characteristics that makes us disqualify the trade after our filtering process.

Q. Do you have a Mac version of Flag-Trader?

A. Yes, this latest version will work on Safari and Firefox.

Q. What version of Windows do I need?

A. Any version of Windows will work provided you can use IE 6 or above, Firefox or Safari as your browser (see next question)

Q. What browser do I need?

A. You'll need either Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 6 or better or Safari.  It is recommened to use a browser that supports Flash as there are useful video clips that will help you navigate across the site.

Q. I can't log in

A. If you're an existing member, then please take care to enter your user name and password correctly. If you've lost your password, click on "Forgot Password" link from the login page, enter your username/email and we'll send you your password.

Q. Can I log in on more than one machine?

A. You may only log into one session at a time.  If someone logs in with your username and password while the account is already open, the original log-in will be bumped off.  So make sure you keep your username and password safe!

Q. I've lost my password

A. No problem, simply click on the "Forgot Password" link on the login page and we'll send it to your registered email address.  You'll need to remember what your log-in / email address is though!

Q. Is there any more help available than the User Guide?

A. Aside from this FAQ section, we have comprehensive Help Guides within each section of the TradeFinder.  The other sections of the site are intuitive and self explanatory.

Q. Does the Options Tutorial cover every topic for options?

A. The Options Tutorial covers many of the vital areas of your options education. To say that it covers everything would be an overstatement, but it certainly covers the essential foundation blocks, including the main risk profiles, the valuation of options, options in the real market place and the Greeks.

Q. Are there any strategies within the Options Tutorial?

A. The strategies are contained within the Options Strategy Guides, also under the Education section.  You can learn about simple long calls and puts as well as diagonal calls and puts from the Strategy Guides.